Monday, December 19, 2011

Sometimes it is nice to have a boy in the house

This morning, as I was picking up some books that fell behind the couch, I noticed a dead cricket. We don't have cute brown crickets around here, like the ones in ND, the crickets in VA are really gross looking and as far as I know, don't chirp. Thank God they are quiet at least. I did see this cricket (hopefully it is the same one), last week and I tried to kill/catch it with some Clorox disinfecting spray and an empty spaghetti sauce jar (you know, spray it and hopefully keep it from jumping, so you can quick stick a jar on it, so you don't have to smash it. I hate the crunching of bugs. Crunchy bugs usually get caught and released outside.), but it hopped into the Christmas tree and I couldn't get it. Yes, surprisingly I have used the Clorox disinfecting spray and spaghetti sauce jar method recently and it worked, but not on this cricket, so I have been wondering when I would see it again. As I was saying, I found said cricket crispy behind the couch today and had plans to pick it up, but I had to feed the babies, so it was just going to have to wait.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Bubba spit up on himself and me, so I went up stairs to change his diaper and clothes and put him down for his nap, when I hear Monkey say, "Mom, Belly is behind the couch!" This girl (Belly) is not crawling on her hands and knees, but she can do a mean Army crawl and get anywhere she wants to go. Immediately, I think "Great, the dead, crispy cricket is still back there and my almost 9 month old baby girl is going to eat it." I am in the middle of changing a dirty diaper, so I yell downstairs, "There is a dead cricket back there, please try to keep her from eating it!" Then I hear Monkey say, "Bear there is a dead cricket back here." and the next thing I know Bear is upstairs saying, "Look what I found Mommy!", with a dead cricket in his fingers and a big smile on his face. Sometimes it is nice to have a boy in the house to keep your baby girl from chewing on a cricket.