Monday, August 20, 2012

Funny things my kids have said

My mom told me that I should make sure I write down the funny things my kids say in detail, so I will always remember it.

She sometimes runs across a hint on a sheet of paper that was supposed to remind her of the funny thing one of us said and she just can't remember it, so I have a small hard covered notebook that my mother-in-law gave me from the Big Kids' baby shower that I write down the funny things my kids say.

I will admit, they are not quite as funny reading them as it was experiencing them, but I am thankful to have the memories saved anyway and now that it is on my blog, I won't have to worry if I ever lose the notebook.

Here are a few of the funny things my kids have said in their five years of life.

Monkey age 1 - "I made puppies (poopies). I stink."

Monkey almost 2 - When Daddy gets mad, because someone ripped a book's page, she says, "A cat did it."

Bear almost 2 - He swipes the glasses off of my face and says, "I can't see! I can't see!"

Monkey almost 2 - Brings me a naked baby doll and says, "The baby's clothes....they fall off!"

Bear age 2 - While we are at mass, he tells the old man behind us that my purse is, "Mommy's let's go."

Bear age 2 - sets a baby doll in a chair and says, "You're in time out baby. You're in time out baby."

Monkey age 2 - When Bear slips on a ladder at the playground and knocks out his front tooth I say, "Shit." and she repeats it. When I tell her it is a bad word and not to say it, she says, "Oh my goodness!"

Bear age 2 - When I show him what he looks like now that he knocked out his tooth he exclaims, "I look cute!"

Bear age 2 - His friend, G, gives him a kiss good-bye and he says, "That was a good kiss!"

Monkey age 2 - When we pull into Wal Mart's parking lot she says, "Oh no! We're at Wal Mart."

Monkey and Bear age 2 - Bear says, "Holy crab! Holy crab!" Monkey tells him, "Don't say holy crab. Say holy cow. Grown ups say, holy crab."

Bear age 2 - The kids have never seen an ice cream bucket with ice cream in it. They think it is a sick bucket for when you have a stomach bug, so when Bear sees ice cream in an ice cream bucket he asks, "Why is the ice cream in a sick bucket?"

Bear age 2 - He is trying to slide a tab in a book over so he can see a picture and he can't do it. He says, "This is midiculous (ridiculous)!"

Bear age 2 - When I tell Bear the power is out, he says, "I want it in."

Bear age 2 - Is upset, because I told him, "Daddy is taking an airplane home." When we pull up to our house, Bear asks, "Where is the airplane?" He is so upset he won't come in the house and stays outside to pout.

Monkey age 2 - When daddy tells her he needs to do the dishes and can't play with her, she runs into the kitchen and screams, "Do the dishes! Do the dishes, Mommy, so Daddy can chase me! Do the dishes!"

Bear age 2 - Walks into My Gym and says, "Hello Miss Heather. I am a robot.", in a robot voice.

Monkey age 2 - During breakfast she is playing with her potato head and she says, "Potato head is on the loose, Spider Man uses his strong web to stop him!.

Bear age 3 - I am in the kitchen coloring with Monkey and I hear Bear say, "Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack."

Monkey age 3 - Looks up into the sky and exclaims, "There is a road up there! The birdies made a road up there!", the first time she sees con-trails.

Monkey age 3 - sticks out her lower lip to pout and Grandma T tells her, "You shouldn't stick your lip out like that, because a bird'll poop on it". Monkey asks, "Where does a birdle live?"

Monkey age 3 - Grandma T is listing all the reasons we had a good day and Monkey adds, "and we saw ducks and lots of bird poop."

Monkey age 3 - She wants to watch a show Bear is afraid of, so she tells him, "Don't be scared. I will stay with you or you can look over there."

Bear and Monkey age 3 - Monkey says she wants a little brother and a little sister. Bear says, "I don't want either."

Monkey age 3 - During a play date Bear says, "I love baseball!." J says, "I love baseball!" Bear says, "I love baseball". Monkey, who was working on a sticker project across the room, tells me, "I will be right back." and goes over to the boys and tells them, "You can both love baseball." Then she comes back to me and says, "They can both love baseball, right, Mom?"

Monkey age 3 - says, "G is my friend. Sophie is my friend. Allison is my friend. Bear is my BEST friend."

Monkey age 3 - Tells me she wants to go to MI. I tell her, "Maybe we will go for Thanksgiving." She gets upset and says, "I don't want to go for Thanksgiving. I want to go to MI!"

Monkey age 3- Tells me, when we drive away from a drive thru, that "Her job is making Mc Donald's food." I ask her, "What is my job?" and she replies, "Cleaning the kitchen?"

Bear age 3 - Thinks we should name the babies, "Baby Boy and Baby Girl."

Bear age 4 - Is looking for his Lego guys and can't find them.Hubby tells him, "You don't do a very good job of looking." Bear replies, "I sure don't."

Monkey age 4 - I tell Monkey, "Daddy is stuck in traffic." Monkey asks, "Was it an idiot, Mommy?"

Monkey age 4 - She asks me, "Why did God make bad guys?" I tell her, "God didn't make bad guys, some people just choose to be bad." She asks, "Did they learn to be bad guys in bad guy school?"

Monkey age 4 - I ask Monkey to get me a tissue for Belly and she doesn't want to do it, but she does it anyway. On her way to hand it to me, she says, "I am tired of being Super Listening Girl."

Bear age 4 - When he hears how old Daddy is turning on his birthday, he says, "I don't think you will die."

Monkey age 5 - Says, "God made the rain to water the flowers and to wash away bad guys."

Bear age 5 - Asks me, "Did Jesus wear a sleep sack when he was in the manger?"

Bear age 5 - Says to Monkey, "I don't like girls....Except for you. You are the best. You are the best girl."

Bear age 5 - comes into our room in the middle of the night and says, "I lost my bed."

Bear age 5 - I tell him he needs to behave and he says, "I am being have. I am being how I have."

Monkey age 5 - When Grandpa A tells her he needs to go put on his "handsome clothes", she says as he walks away, "I hope it works!"

Bear age 5 - When I catch him and Monkey eating ice from a bowl Hubby was soaking his hurt toe in and tell them "That is gross." Bear says, "I like the taste of feet."

Bear age 5 - When Daddy says good morning to him, he says, "No."

So that is it so far. Kids truly are hilarious, without even meaning to be.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My day in the form of a poem

So it has been a month since I last updated my blog, so I figured I should post something.

Here is a poem I wrote today.

Peanut butter and crackers up your nosey.

Peanut butter and crackers on your tosies.

Cat food is not for eating,

Cat water soaked crackers is not amusing.

Stay out of the trash.

How many times do I need to tell you that?

I see you smashed your trash crackers on the floor.

I will tell you to "stay out of the trash" 20 times more.

Please stop pulling out your sister's hair.

I swatted your hand and you still didn't care.

Three whole rolls of toilet paper thrown in the toilet?

I bet you REALLY enjoyed it.

Turn off the TV and go outside to play.

You have already watched too many shows today.

I see you didn't do well when you wiped your bum.

Go back in the bathroom, so I can get the job done.

Two kids with pink eye and two more to go.

When will it show up? Nobody knows.

This is my day with two sets of twins.

No wonder I want to drink wine, before it even begins.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trying not to compare the kids

Can someone please tell me how I am not supposed to compare the kids to each other?

This is a picture that Monkey made of her and her daddy.

This is a picture I encouraged Bear to make to put in the journal he is supposed to bring to Kindergarten with him. I am assuming so the teachers can see what they have to work with. It is a picture of him and his cousin Jacob.

When Monkey saw it she asked, "Why are the arms coming out of their heads?" Bear just laughed and said, "I don't know how to make a body, so I didn't." Monkey told him to, "Just make a rectangle next time".

I think Bear's egg people are cute, but I am scared he is really far behind other kids his age. I don't know what to do. He just wants to play and rough house all day. He doesn't want to draw or write his letters. He doesn't want to learn to read. Do I force him to do it?

He is not the type of kid that you can force to do anything. I was happy I got him to draw the egg people and to attempt to draw some words below, that you can't see in the picture.

Yesterday, I made some flash cards with sight words for Kindergarten on them. Monkey saw me making them and wanted to make some too. She made flash cards for all the sight words for 1st grade though 2nd grade. Then she typed stories from Dick and Jane (all of which she can read) and then Good Night Moon (which she can't read) on the computer. She read the first two Bob books to me today and part of the third book and the fourth book. She doesn't quite have books three and four down yet. Bear can't read at all. I feel like I am failing him, but when I look at his egg heads, I smile. I love that kid and his stubborn ways.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time to diet

Well, now that I am done breastfeeding, I have to go on a diet. I hate diets. Really, really, hate diets.

After I stopped breastfeeding, it took awhile for my body to figure out I no longer need an extra 800-1000 calories a day. I am sure I burned closer to the extra 1000 a day, because I was always hungry and I made more than enough milk for both babies. I had a deep freezer full of breast milk. Enough frozen breast milk to feed the babies 4-6oz bottles a day for a month.

While my body was adjusting to my new calorie requirements, I gained some weight. Luckily, I am no longer starving all the time, but now I have about 10 pounds to lose to be at a weight that makes me happy.

I don't want to be super skinny, like I was before I had the big kids. I wore a size 2 or 4 and xs shirts. Shopping was so much fun. Everything I tried on looked good. I worked out really hard 5 days a week and kept a food diary. It was scary how I could remember each and everything I ate each day. It was a lot of work to be that small.

So, after the big kids were born, I decided I didn't want to work that hard, so I worked out, not quite as hard, 6 days a week, and did diet a little to be a size 6. I am really happy when I am a size 6. Not too skinny, so I still feel like a woman, but not too fat either. I would really like to be a 4, but really not up to the work it takes for me to be a size 4. I am getting lazy in my old age.

So, I just want to be a comfortable size 6. I don't think that is too much to ask, so I have ordered a new food scale to replace the one Bear just broke last week. If you ever think, I should go take that away, do it right away. If you don't, you will find your kid stepping on your food scale and it will already be broken when you go to take it from him. I really wanted to take his Buzz Lightyear and smash it, but I didn't.

Anyway, I have found my old diet plan from LA Weight Loss and plan to start this diet soon. Probably after my sister leaves for home. That means, I have about a week to eat what I want and then the dieting will begin.

Someone please pass me the cookies.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The car ride home today

My kids were cracking me up on the ride home from preschool today. Here is how the conversation went.

Monkey: "Mommy, the boys wouldn't let the girls on the ship and that made all the girls sad."

Bear: Says something I couldn't hear.

Me: "Bear were you telling the girls they couldn't go on the ship today?"

Bear: "No."

Me: "Monkey, did Bear tell the girls they couldn't go on the ship?

Monkey: "No, he didn't."

Monkey gets an idea: "I know, Bear. You are a boy, so you can go on the ship and tell the boys to let the girls on."

Me: "I am torn as to whether or not this is a good idea. I want you to stick up for your sister, Bear, but I don't want you starting a fight with the boys."

Bear: "Why not? I am strong."

Me: "I don't want you fighting, Bear."

Bear: "I am strong, Mom."

Monkey: "You aren't the strongest boy."

Bear: "Yes, I am."

Monkey: "No, you're not. AJ is stronger than you."

Bear: "He is not stronger than me."

Monkey: "Yes, he is."

Bear yelling now: "I am tough."

Monkey: "No, you're not."

Bear: "Monkey, you are crazy. I am the strongest boy."

Monkey: "No, you're not."

Bear: "Stop saying that or I am not going to be in this family anymore."

Monkey: "Why? You can't do that."

Bear: "I am stronger than AJ."

Monkey: "No, you're not."

Bear: "Stop saying that or I am going to hit you with my shoe."

Me: "Don't hit anyone with your shoe."

The shoe goes flying.

Monkey screams.

They both have their shoes off and are hitting each other with them.

Then Monkey starts singing in a loud, squeaky voice. I can't understand what she is singing.

Bear: "Stop singing, I don't like that voice."

Monkey continues to screech/sing.

Bear yelling: "Stop singing!"

She keeps singing.

Bear in a soft pleading voice: "Stop, singing, please."

Monkey: "It's the Orbeez."

Bear: "Orbeez, please stop singing."

Monkey is now singing in an almost normal voice, "Watery, wiggle, wiggle. Watery, wiggle, wiggle." over and over.

Bear: "Do you like that song?"

I don't have any idea what she said in return, but they were no longer fighting. I tried to keep from laughing the entire car ride home.

I plan to tell Monkey to figure out how to handle the problem without using Bear as her pawn.

Funny Family Ecard: You can't scare me. I have a twin brother!

Maybe I should warn the school that Bear might start a brawl tomorrow, just in case.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What one year olds do for fun

The babies just turned one last Sunday. To help commemorate their birthday, I thought I would make a list of some of the things Belly and Bubba like to do for fun.

1. Get into the cupboard and chew on Daddy's Balance Bars (I keep hoping he will get tired of squished balance bars and baby proof the cupboards, but so far it has not happened. No amount of begging has worked on him either. I am about to attempt to figure out how to do it myself).

2. Pull all of the shoes off of the shoe rack, chew on them, and then drag them all over the house.

3. Pull books off of the bookshelf.

4. Pull all the magnetic letters off of the fridge and drag them all over the house. On this particular day, Monkey moved the menus within baby reach, so they had some extra fun emptying that too.

5. Crumple Monkey's art work and chew on her art supplies.

They also have a few of their own special interests. For example, Bubba is really into pulling hair. He seems to enjoy the cause and effect of pulling Belly's hair and then hearing her cry. He also, enjoys the clumps of it he pulls out of Monkey's head and my head. And isn't it neat how many short black hairs end up in his fists when he gets a hold of the cat?

Some of Belly's special interests include crying anytime Bubba cries and trying to push children out of my lap, so she can get in it instead. If she can't push them out, she just climbs on top of them. She also enjoys making diaper changes a living hell, by constantly rolling and trying to get away. I am pretty sure they made those slip on diapers just for her. Too bad I haven't actually bought any of those yet. I am starting to think they may actually be worth the price.

They get into EVERYTHING, but aren't they just so darn cute? Happy First Birthday, Belly and Bubba!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What my kids' teachers really wanted to say.

We got the big kids' school evaluations last week. None of what the teachers said, was a surprise to us. The big kids are exactly the same at home as they are in school.

Let's start with Bear. What the teacher wrote is in black. What I think she really wanted to say is in red.

Bear arrives each morning enthusiastically, ready to jump (sometimes literally) into his day. Your kid is hyper. He will, more often now, look to his teachers for morning instructions rather than wandering around the classroom. Your kid is not quite as spacey as he used to be. Bear has become more comfortable working independently (His self esteem no longer sucks), requiring few reminders that he is capable of completing the task (He no longer says he is too tired to do things, doesn't know how, or can't) (for example cutting) and is providing more detail before completing his work (a scribble is not Art). We are very proud of the progress Bear has made in writing his name. Bear, too, takes pride in his accomplishments. We continue to provide activities to strengthen his fine motor skills and we appreciate the practice provided at home (The Leapster Explorer you got him is really helping his writing skills).

Blah, blah, blah. (I didn't really say, blah, blah, blah.) Bear requires teacher support in handling a frustrating situation (He starts crying or yelling.) We remind him to use his kind words and voice when playing with his classmates. Bear will usually quickly accept this redirection in order to continue playing (because we threaten him).

It is a pleasure to have Bear in class. Thank you for sharing him with us (We say this to everyone).

And then there is Monkey who's teacher said this:

Monkey is a wonderful little girl and is well-liked by all her classmates. She enters our room each morning happily, independently, and ready to begin her day. She has strong fine motor skills, and really enjoys being creative at the writing tables and in Art. She is always cooperative and helpful, and has a tender, nurturing personality. She enjoys helping both teachers and friends. Monkey enjoys the variety in our day and is never at a loss for something to do. She plays well with many different students and participates in a variety of activities throughout our day and our centers.

Academically, Monkey is a very strong student. She has an obvious love of learning and can always be counted on to pay attention during structured activities. She is one of our best contributors during Circle time and in group discussions (She is a know it all, like Hermone Granger). We are certain she will love Kindergarten and do very well there. Thank you for sharing AM with us this year (I am not just saying that. Did you read what I wrote about her?). We look forward to her continued growth.

Now, my thoughts.

I wish I could say, "Well, Bear at least you are better at sports.", but she is better at those too. The girl is coordinated and smart.

Poor Bear for having a twin sister like Monkey. I wouldn't want her for my sister. Actually, my sister was always really smart and I was the dumb one (Not that I think Bear is dumb. He isn't.), but at least I was a better singer and was more coordinated. Once I got to college I figured out that I wasn't dumb after all. I just needed to study and she didn't (I am still bitter about that).

I don't want it to take until college for Bear to figure out he is smart too, so now I am on a mission to find something Bear is better at than Monkey and I am going to do my best to let him know he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going a little crazy, one night at a time.

Last week was a rough week for us. My husband worked nights, which was good and bad. I loved having him home in the morning, because he stayed home with the babies, while I took the big kids to preschool. He was also home when I had to go back to get them, so I didn't have to hurry to feed the babies their lunch and then rush out the door to pick the big kids up, like I usually do (I have already decided to put the big kids in public Kindergarten next year, mostly due to the fact that the bus stop for the elementary school is literally in front of my house. I have to be careful not to run over small children every morning when I pull out of my parking spot. You have no idea how excited I am about the location of this bus stop now that we will be able to use it).

Four out of the six of us ended up with pink eye last week, so I spent a lot of time sanitizing the house and putting eye drops in screaming children. My husband made three trips to the doctor, once for Bear, once for himself, and once to take the babies to the ER. It was a long week for both of us.

The worst part for me was he was not home at night (except for Friday) and nights around here are hectic. Baby Girl gets really fussy as I am making dinner, so I usually end up wearing her. Baby Boy wasn't feeling all that well last week, due to the pink eye and was fussy too, but I can only wear one while I am cooking and I haven't been able to figure out how to get him in the Ergo, so I wear her.

Anyway, my point is, nights here are crazy. I have no idea how single mothers survive.

Night one, without my husband, goes pretty well. Night two a little bit harder. Night three, I start yelling. Night four, I yell more. So he worked nights all week last week, except Friday. I was stressed out about the pink eye, on top of being alone in the evenings with four small children, and now this week he is out of town. Last Friday, I called my MIL and asked her to come help me this week.

She lives in Michigan.

It is a nine hour drive.

She said she would come (I love her).

In the end, we decided I can handle three more nights without help. So far, I have made it through night two and I am not craving alcohol yet and the worst thing that happened is Belly gave herself a shiner. The second worst thing that happened was Bear got paint all over the back of his pants and then sat on the sofa, so I had to shampoo the sofa, when were supposed to be eating dinner. The good news is that most of it came out (there will forever be a red mark that wouldn't come out) and Bear finally showed some interest in art.

One more night to go.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Darn you Pink eye!

Last Monday evening, Bear's eye lids and the skin around his eyes looked a little red. I asked if his eyes itched and he said, "No, I am just tired." The next day they started watering, but his actual eye was not red at all. He still swore he felt fine. By Tuesday evening, I decided he needed to go to the doctor.

We have never had a case of pink eye in the house, so I didn't know the symptoms and didn't know what to look for. I thought he had allergies. He was sneezing, and had a runny nose too, and his actual eyes weren't red (you may not actually have pink eyes with pink eye. Who knew?), so it just seemed like it was allergies, but I wanted to take him to the doctor just in case I was wrong.

I was wrong. He has pink eye (conjunctivitis).

My husband worked all nights this week, except for Friday, so luckily for me, he was home in the morning and could take Bear to the clinic on Wednesday, while I took care of the babies and picked Monkey up from preschool.

We should have known it was a bad sign when the doctor sanitized her hands five times, while they were there. The doctor was dodging Bear and if he touched her at all, she sanitized her hands. Apparently the doctor is going on vacation and doesn't want pink eye. I can't say that I blame her. I don't want it either.

Pink eye is highly contagious (we are living proof of that). I heard from some of my multiple multiple mommies that we should change the bedding and wash everything, but apparently, I didn't do it in time, because DH (dear husband), Bubba, and Belly, all woke up with pink eye yesterday. Bubba's left eye was a little watery on Thursday night, but I wasn't sure if he really had it or not. On Friday morning his eye lashes, on both eyes, were caked with goop. My poor, crusty eyed boy. Belly's wasn't as bad, but she sure looks like hell today. I just want to cry looking at her and she is not a very happy girl either. I was out for a few hours this morning and when I got home and she saw me, she broke down crying. I am pretty sure she was trying to tell me how crappy she feels and hoping I could help her feel better. Sorry baby girl, I wish I could. Let's hope the eye drops kick in soon and she feels better tomorrow.

So far Monkey and I haven't gotten it. Of course I am paranoid and I keep looking at her eyes and at my eyes, in the mirror, for signs that we have gotten it too. I accidentally touched my eyes today, so I am probably doomed for sure. It is so hard not to touch your eyes, when you aren't supposed to touch your eyes.

I kind of wish I would just get it and get it over with, so I could treat it and no longer worry about catching it.

My husband will be traveling next week, so I guarantee as soon as the door to the airplane closes, Monkey's and my eyes will crust over and I will be stuck taking 4 kids with me to the clinic. Murphy's law, you know (ya know, for my ND peeps).

My friend suggested I stand in the middle of the room and spin circles with a can of Lysol. I am considering it.

Below is a picture of Belly with her pink eye lids and her dirty dinner face. She was feeling a little better after her second nap and her eyes are not as red as they were earlier today.

And another one with the boy who started the infestation. If you are wondering why his shirt collar is all messed up, that would be from one of the things he does to earn the not favorite status (sucking on his shirts and ruining them). Don't worry Bear, I really do love you!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My favorite child

Last year when I was driving the kids to preschool, the morning radio hosts were talking about whether or not parents have a favorite child. They had asked people to call and weigh in on the topic. A lot of people called and admitted that they did have a favorite child and others said they didn't have a favorite child. I remember one caller saying, she did have a favorite and it was which ever child was the easiest. I have to say, I agree with her 100 percent.

I don't know if my parents have a favorite child or not. I assume they probably do, or did, and it may or may not be me and honestly, I don't care (I know they love me and that is all that matters). I have given them plenty of reasons to be their favorite (for example, put myself through college, have two sets of really cute twins, marry someone they can brag about, be self-sufficient, say "no" to drugs), but I have also given them plenty of reasons for me to not be their favorite (partying a lot in high school and college, getting arrested twice for under age drinking, crashing Dad's car into a pole and almost totaling it). My mom always said she didn't have a favorite, that she loved us both the same. That is what a nice mom should say. That is why I will lie and say I don't have a favorite if any of my children ask me if I have a favorite someday and honestly there are times when I don't have a favorite child at all.

Last year, at the time of the radio broadcast, my oldest daughter (and only daughter at the time) was my favorite, because her twin brother was a serious pain in the butt. I had just gotten done potty training him, which he had made a living hell, by holding his BMs for days at a time and turning into a miserable, crabby, child. Also, he was always in la la land, never listened, and always found himself getting into trouble.

The week before preschool started, he accidentally swallowed a glass stone from a fish tank and I had to take him to the doctor for an x-ray to figure out where it was. The doctor said she thought it would pass and if it didn't pass by Wednesday (a week and a day later) to bring him back in.

I had to check his poop every day for an entire week until that darn stone passed. Not fun at all. Of course my husband was traveling and couldn't help me with most of the searches. I was in my first trimester of my second twin pregnancy, so that didn't help matters either. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Other things Bear has done, to earn the not favorite status include, shoving a raisin up his nose, when he was two years old, the one time my husband traveled that year (I ended up having to take Bear to urgent care to get it out), and knocking out his front tooth at the playground across the street two weeks after we moved from AL to VA, when he was 2 and a half years old. Again, my husband was traveling for work.

Monkey on the other hand, was sweet and a great listener and always willing to help pick up toys or do anything we asked her to do. She practically potty trained herself. Take the diaper off, put the undies on, two accidents, and potty trained. Loved that girl. Not that I didn't love Bear, I really, really did (still do). He is a really sweet, caring boy, and really adorable, he just wasn't my favorite at the time.

Fast forward to today. I still have a favorite and it is still the easiest child, but it is not the same child (sorry Monkey). Now it is my baby boy. Why? Let me tell you why the other three aren't.

I will start with Monkey. There are some really great things about Monkey. She is smart, loving, and listens most of the time, but lately she has been whiny and it drives me crazy. I don't know if someone at school is a whiner and she is picking up the habit, or if it is a phase, but it seems like it is non-stop lately. Therefore, she is not my favorite at the moment.

More on Bear, he recently went through a playing with his poop phase (Yes, that is right. I said "poop"). He kept getting it on his hands and not by accident (Disgusting. I know). Every time I asked him why he kept putting his hands in his poop he said, he didn't know. I asked him how it got on his hands and he said, he put his hand under his bottom and caught it (WHY?). The more he got in trouble for it, the more he did it. He especially liked to do it in the morning before school, when we were in a hurry, or at night when my husband was gone and I was trying to get 4 kids to bed on my own. It was infuriating. I would have to clean him up and then sanitize anything he may have touched and that just added more stress to my life. After trying everything to get him to stop the behavior, I finally decided to not let it upset me anymore. Now that he gets no reaction from us when he does it, he stopped doing it. Either that or he is better at not getting caught, but he is not very sneaky, so I am pretty sure he has stopped doing it.

Anyway, now the only issue he has is peeing his pants, which he started doing after the babies were born. I try not to get mad about it, because the more he gets punished for it or the more we get upset about it, the more he does it. We starting setting a timer for him or reminding him to go about every hour or so. If we forget to remind him, he will have 2 or 3 or more pee accidents after he gets home from preschool, which causes the laundry to pile up and gives me more work to do. I hope he has a son just like him someday. On a positive note, he is finally getting better at listening. I am trying to give him extra attention, because I think he just really needs it and I think it is helping him to behave better. The extra attention he gets makes Monkey jealous though, so maybe that is why she is whining. I can't win.

Now onto why Belly is not my favorite. I love this girl. She is adorable. She is also a stinker. I am not sure how a 9 month old, that can't talk, can be so opinionated. She has been trying to sign, but really all she does is wave both hands when she doesn't get what she wants. I just offer her everything until she stops waving her hands. She also hates to miss out on all the action when taking her nap, so she starts crying as soon as we put her in her bed. Pick her up, happy as can be, put her in her bed, hand waving and crying ensue. She is also mobile and getting into everything she can reach. She doesn't let us hold her for long, because there is so much exploring to do and she makes diaper changes a chore, by constantly rolling away. Sorry Belly, you are great, but you are not the easiest, so you are not my favorite.

Now let's talk about Bubba. Bubba is super sweet. He is always happy. He hardly ever cries. He loves kisses and cuddling. He doesn't try to get away when I am holding him. If I give him a kiss he will press his head against my face for more. I love it. He can't crawl, so he doesn't get into anything. If I put him down somewhere, he stays there. He doesn't spill and eat cat food. He doesn't pull all of Monkey's artwork off of the shelf and chew on it. When I put him down for a nap, he doesn't complain. When I change his diaper, he lays nice and still and usually smacks his belly with his hand to hear the sound it makes, which cracks me up and makes diaper changes fun. Plan and simple, he is the happiest and the easiest and because of that he is my favorite. At least until someone else becomes the easiest.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take that you cooler!

So yesterday I had to go to Best Buy to pick up a case for Monkey's new Leapster Explorer (No, I didn't get them the latest and greatest Leap Pad. I saved myself $80 and got them the Explorer instead). Anyway, as I was pulling out of my drive way, I hear a crunch and wonder what it was I just ran over, so I get out of my mini van (what else does a mom of two sets of twins drive? We tried various SUVs, believe me, and the four car seats and the double stroller didn't fit worth a darn in anything, but the minivans. I know this, because we took the big kids, the four car seats, and the stroller with us when we went shopping for cars. I am sure the salesmen at the dealerships loved us when I insisted my husband install them all and put the stroller in the back of several different vehicles). As I was saying, I got out of my minivan and found a Styrofoam Omaha Steak cooler lid under my van and the cooler not far away, with my neighbors name and address on it. They evidently put it out for the garbage men to collect, but alas, it was windy and the dang thing flew behind my van and I ran the lid over, so I kicked the cooler and lid back to the sidewalk (I didn't want to touch it, because I forgot my hand sanitizer in the house) for the garbage man to pick up later.

When I got home, there was that darn cooler again, this time in my parking spot, so I decided just to park, because it probably wouldn't get in my way and I was too tired (lazy) to get out of the van and move it and then I forgot about it. As in, I forgot about it before I even opened my car door. Well, later last night I saw that darn Styrofoam cooler pinned in between the front of my van and the curb. I told my husband, there is a Styrofoam cooler stuck in front of my van. His response was "Yeah, I know. Both Sean and Sally (the neighbors who got the Omaha Steaks and put the cooler outside) tried to get it out and couldn't." I don't know why, but the thought of them trying to get that cooler out, and not being able to, cracks me up. Like, I am trying not to laugh right now just thinking about it. Who sees a Styrofoam cooler in the way and decides to park anyway and then totally forgets about it? Me, that is who! And every time I looked out my kitchen window and saw the cooler, it cracked me up again. I seriously need help. Not to mention, the garbage men couldn't take the cooler, because it was really stuck, so it was still there this morning when I left to take the kids to preschool. It is now in our garbage can, so I can't run it over again. Let this be a warning to all Styrofoam coolers out there (or anything else that gets in my way). I am tired. I am forgetful, and I will run you over.