Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take that you cooler!

So yesterday I had to go to Best Buy to pick up a case for Monkey's new Leapster Explorer (No, I didn't get them the latest and greatest Leap Pad. I saved myself $80 and got them the Explorer instead). Anyway, as I was pulling out of my drive way, I hear a crunch and wonder what it was I just ran over, so I get out of my mini van (what else does a mom of two sets of twins drive? We tried various SUVs, believe me, and the four car seats and the double stroller didn't fit worth a darn in anything, but the minivans. I know this, because we took the big kids, the four car seats, and the stroller with us when we went shopping for cars. I am sure the salesmen at the dealerships loved us when I insisted my husband install them all and put the stroller in the back of several different vehicles). As I was saying, I got out of my minivan and found a Styrofoam Omaha Steak cooler lid under my van and the cooler not far away, with my neighbors name and address on it. They evidently put it out for the garbage men to collect, but alas, it was windy and the dang thing flew behind my van and I ran the lid over, so I kicked the cooler and lid back to the sidewalk (I didn't want to touch it, because I forgot my hand sanitizer in the house) for the garbage man to pick up later.

When I got home, there was that darn cooler again, this time in my parking spot, so I decided just to park, because it probably wouldn't get in my way and I was too tired (lazy) to get out of the van and move it and then I forgot about it. As in, I forgot about it before I even opened my car door. Well, later last night I saw that darn Styrofoam cooler pinned in between the front of my van and the curb. I told my husband, there is a Styrofoam cooler stuck in front of my van. His response was "Yeah, I know. Both Sean and Sally (the neighbors who got the Omaha Steaks and put the cooler outside) tried to get it out and couldn't." I don't know why, but the thought of them trying to get that cooler out, and not being able to, cracks me up. Like, I am trying not to laugh right now just thinking about it. Who sees a Styrofoam cooler in the way and decides to park anyway and then totally forgets about it? Me, that is who! And every time I looked out my kitchen window and saw the cooler, it cracked me up again. I seriously need help. Not to mention, the garbage men couldn't take the cooler, because it was really stuck, so it was still there this morning when I left to take the kids to preschool. It is now in our garbage can, so I can't run it over again. Let this be a warning to all Styrofoam coolers out there (or anything else that gets in my way). I am tired. I am forgetful, and I will run you over.

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