Saturday, February 18, 2012

Darn you Pink eye!

Last Monday evening, Bear's eye lids and the skin around his eyes looked a little red. I asked if his eyes itched and he said, "No, I am just tired." The next day they started watering, but his actual eye was not red at all. He still swore he felt fine. By Tuesday evening, I decided he needed to go to the doctor.

We have never had a case of pink eye in the house, so I didn't know the symptoms and didn't know what to look for. I thought he had allergies. He was sneezing, and had a runny nose too, and his actual eyes weren't red (you may not actually have pink eyes with pink eye. Who knew?), so it just seemed like it was allergies, but I wanted to take him to the doctor just in case I was wrong.

I was wrong. He has pink eye (conjunctivitis).

My husband worked all nights this week, except for Friday, so luckily for me, he was home in the morning and could take Bear to the clinic on Wednesday, while I took care of the babies and picked Monkey up from preschool.

We should have known it was a bad sign when the doctor sanitized her hands five times, while they were there. The doctor was dodging Bear and if he touched her at all, she sanitized her hands. Apparently the doctor is going on vacation and doesn't want pink eye. I can't say that I blame her. I don't want it either.

Pink eye is highly contagious (we are living proof of that). I heard from some of my multiple multiple mommies that we should change the bedding and wash everything, but apparently, I didn't do it in time, because DH (dear husband), Bubba, and Belly, all woke up with pink eye yesterday. Bubba's left eye was a little watery on Thursday night, but I wasn't sure if he really had it or not. On Friday morning his eye lashes, on both eyes, were caked with goop. My poor, crusty eyed boy. Belly's wasn't as bad, but she sure looks like hell today. I just want to cry looking at her and she is not a very happy girl either. I was out for a few hours this morning and when I got home and she saw me, she broke down crying. I am pretty sure she was trying to tell me how crappy she feels and hoping I could help her feel better. Sorry baby girl, I wish I could. Let's hope the eye drops kick in soon and she feels better tomorrow.

So far Monkey and I haven't gotten it. Of course I am paranoid and I keep looking at her eyes and at my eyes, in the mirror, for signs that we have gotten it too. I accidentally touched my eyes today, so I am probably doomed for sure. It is so hard not to touch your eyes, when you aren't supposed to touch your eyes.

I kind of wish I would just get it and get it over with, so I could treat it and no longer worry about catching it.

My husband will be traveling next week, so I guarantee as soon as the door to the airplane closes, Monkey's and my eyes will crust over and I will be stuck taking 4 kids with me to the clinic. Murphy's law, you know (ya know, for my ND peeps).

My friend suggested I stand in the middle of the room and spin circles with a can of Lysol. I am considering it.

Below is a picture of Belly with her pink eye lids and her dirty dinner face. She was feeling a little better after her second nap and her eyes are not as red as they were earlier today.

And another one with the boy who started the infestation. If you are wondering why his shirt collar is all messed up, that would be from one of the things he does to earn the not favorite status (sucking on his shirts and ruining them). Don't worry Bear, I really do love you!

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