Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What one year olds do for fun

The babies just turned one last Sunday. To help commemorate their birthday, I thought I would make a list of some of the things Belly and Bubba like to do for fun.

1. Get into the cupboard and chew on Daddy's Balance Bars (I keep hoping he will get tired of squished balance bars and baby proof the cupboards, but so far it has not happened. No amount of begging has worked on him either. I am about to attempt to figure out how to do it myself).

2. Pull all of the shoes off of the shoe rack, chew on them, and then drag them all over the house.

3. Pull books off of the bookshelf.

4. Pull all the magnetic letters off of the fridge and drag them all over the house. On this particular day, Monkey moved the menus within baby reach, so they had some extra fun emptying that too.

5. Crumple Monkey's art work and chew on her art supplies.

They also have a few of their own special interests. For example, Bubba is really into pulling hair. He seems to enjoy the cause and effect of pulling Belly's hair and then hearing her cry. He also, enjoys the clumps of it he pulls out of Monkey's head and my head. And isn't it neat how many short black hairs end up in his fists when he gets a hold of the cat?

Some of Belly's special interests include crying anytime Bubba cries and trying to push children out of my lap, so she can get in it instead. If she can't push them out, she just climbs on top of them. She also enjoys making diaper changes a living hell, by constantly rolling and trying to get away. I am pretty sure they made those slip on diapers just for her. Too bad I haven't actually bought any of those yet. I am starting to think they may actually be worth the price.

They get into EVERYTHING, but aren't they just so darn cute? Happy First Birthday, Belly and Bubba!

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