Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The car ride home today

My kids were cracking me up on the ride home from preschool today. Here is how the conversation went.

Monkey: "Mommy, the boys wouldn't let the girls on the ship and that made all the girls sad."

Bear: Says something I couldn't hear.

Me: "Bear were you telling the girls they couldn't go on the ship today?"

Bear: "No."

Me: "Monkey, did Bear tell the girls they couldn't go on the ship?

Monkey: "No, he didn't."

Monkey gets an idea: "I know, Bear. You are a boy, so you can go on the ship and tell the boys to let the girls on."

Me: "I am torn as to whether or not this is a good idea. I want you to stick up for your sister, Bear, but I don't want you starting a fight with the boys."

Bear: "Why not? I am strong."

Me: "I don't want you fighting, Bear."

Bear: "I am strong, Mom."

Monkey: "You aren't the strongest boy."

Bear: "Yes, I am."

Monkey: "No, you're not. AJ is stronger than you."

Bear: "He is not stronger than me."

Monkey: "Yes, he is."

Bear yelling now: "I am tough."

Monkey: "No, you're not."

Bear: "Monkey, you are crazy. I am the strongest boy."

Monkey: "No, you're not."

Bear: "Stop saying that or I am not going to be in this family anymore."

Monkey: "Why? You can't do that."

Bear: "I am stronger than AJ."

Monkey: "No, you're not."

Bear: "Stop saying that or I am going to hit you with my shoe."

Me: "Don't hit anyone with your shoe."

The shoe goes flying.

Monkey screams.

They both have their shoes off and are hitting each other with them.

Then Monkey starts singing in a loud, squeaky voice. I can't understand what she is singing.

Bear: "Stop singing, I don't like that voice."

Monkey continues to screech/sing.

Bear yelling: "Stop singing!"

She keeps singing.

Bear in a soft pleading voice: "Stop, singing, please."

Monkey: "It's the Orbeez."

Bear: "Orbeez, please stop singing."

Monkey is now singing in an almost normal voice, "Watery, wiggle, wiggle. Watery, wiggle, wiggle." over and over.

Bear: "Do you like that song?"

I don't have any idea what she said in return, but they were no longer fighting. I tried to keep from laughing the entire car ride home.

I plan to tell Monkey to figure out how to handle the problem without using Bear as her pawn.

Funny Family Ecard: You can't scare me. I have a twin brother!

Maybe I should warn the school that Bear might start a brawl tomorrow, just in case.

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