Saturday, February 2, 2013

A memory from when I was pregnant with set number two

I found this note on my Facebook page, so I copied it here. It was before I had a blog. It was experiences like this that inspired me to get a blog in the first place. The memory made me smile. It feels like this happened forever ago and since my babies are almost two, it kind of was forever ago.

So, my son for some reason takes a really LONG time in the bathroom. Not actually going to the bathroom, but messing with the tp, or the rug, or doing who knows what for long periods of time. It is starting to drive both me and Hubby crazy. Seriously, go to the bathroom, ask to be wiped if needed, pull up your underwear and pants, and wash your hands, and get out of the dang bathroom. Today for example, he goes poop (Did I mention I was going to talk about poop?) and I ask him, "Do you need help?" He says "Yes", so I head to the bathroom to wipe him, while he decides to get off of the toilet, and sit on my new bathroom rug, and he ends up getting poop on my new bathroom rug, because like I mentioned, he needed help wiping. Anyway, for the hundredth time I tell him not to sit on my rug with a poopy bottom (I tell him this pretty much every day, yet it has not sunk in) and show him where the dirty spot he left is. Approximately 2 seconds later, he puts his hand in the dirty spot, so I quickly wipe his bottom and move him to the sink, where he pulls up his sleeves (usually helpful unless you have POOP on your hands), so I take his shirt off and then we wash his hands. Then I send him upstairs to get a new shirt and new underwear, because I notice those were a little dirty for some reason, and he screams from his room at the top of his lungs, "MOMMMMMMMMY! MOMMY!", because he is scared to go anywhere in this house where he can't see another member of the family. So I waddle upstairs and I find him some new clothes and think the whole entire time he is getting his clothes on, "Why am I having 2 more kids?" Seriously, why?

I was so frustrated that day. I remember thinking, "How am I going to do this all again?" and wondering why God decided to give us twins again. Three years later, I am still wondering how I am going to do all of this again.

Bubba is starting to be interested in the potty. He tells us when he has to go "poo poo". He has actually done it successfully once, maybe twice. The second attempt resulted in poo all over the potty seat and him (including his feet) and we are not sure if the poop was from him starting to go before he was put on the potty, or if he indeed went more while on the toilet. Right now, he tells us he has to go, so we put him on the potty and then he sees the toilet paper and gets distracted. He gets some tp and wipes, drops it in the toilet, and repeats about 5 times while I tell him, "We go potty first, then we use toilet paper". I scramble to take the tp out of his reach (he is fast and usually grabs a couple more handful of tp, before I can get it off the wall and out of his reach) and he cries because I took the tp away and then I give up, because all he wants is the tp and he has forgotten the reason we put him on the potty was so he could go poo poo, so I put his diaper back on and he ends up using that instead.

Belly also wants to go potty when Bubba goes, so she takes off all of her clothes and sits on the potty for a second and then gets up and runs around the house naked. Then she comes back and sits on the potty for a second (Bubba sits on a potty seat on the big toilet. Belly stills on a little portable potty, so they can go at the same time) and then gets up and runs around naked. All the while I am trying to keep Bubba from wasting all of the toilet paper and keeping him from sticking his hand in the toilet water. I can't even explain how stressed out I feel while all of this is occurring.

Potty training Monkey Girl was easy. She was almost three. She was beyond ready. We took her diaper off and put underwear on her and that was it. We didn't need to do anything. Bear was much harder. He hates change. He was happy going in his diaper. It was hell training him, because he held his BMs and turned into a miserable, crabby kid. He was awful, so in a way, I am happy Bubba is interested at such a young age, but he isn't even two, yet. We could be at this for awhile. I don't really want to be at this for awhile. Maybe Belly will be easy like Monkey Girl, but really none of my other kids are like Monkey Girl. She was not like normal children. She was by far the easiest in every way. The new ones are more like Bear, who is a typical pain in the butt kid! I truly think God gave me Monkey Girl first so Belly and Bubba would have a chance at life!