Friday, April 11, 2014

Checking in

Well, this blog has officially become just like my diary, meaning I write in it and then not again for a year or two. I have just been really busy and as much as I enjoy blogging, and want to share our story, I just don't have the time. You know, two sets of twins and all.

We moved across the country last summer and the kids started at a new school. They are both doing very well there. Bear has a wonderful teacher. We have had some ups and downs, with things we have treated him for, and the side effects, or regression, that have occurred have not always been good. His teacher has been really patient and understanding. I am certain he will never have a teacher this amazing again.

The latest thing we have tried for Bear is the Feingold Diet, Let me tell you, I was not prepared in any way for the regression he experienced that first week. I was in tears not knowing why his ADHD was so awful again. He is still not back to where he once was and he has been on it for almost four weeks. Apparently, this is common and can last up to six weeks. Why? They don't know, so fingers crossed in the end it makes things better.

Why am I doing the Feingold diet? Bear showed as being really sensitive to phenols (in a Zyto scan), which naturally occur in all fruits and vegetables and also in artificial flavors, preservatives, and artificial colors. When I googled low phenol diets, Feingold kept coming up. This diet focuses on one type of phenol, salicylates, and not on them all. When we first figured out Bear is sensitive to phenols, I was just using a link with a list of foods that are low in phenols as a guide, but I was struggling because it was so strict. I wanted to give him other things that may be safe as well, so I decided just to try the Feingold diet. I will let you know if it works out in the end and I am sorry to anyone who has tried the Feingold diet, based on my recommendation, if your kid, too, had the worst week(s) ever. I am not sorry, if you got through it, and now your kid is doing awesome. In that case, you are welcome. I am not about to give up on it myself. Really, how can you give your child artificial anything again once you have taken it away? It just doesn't make sense. Also, I know he is sensitive to salicylates, I just don't know if it is a strict enough diet, since it doesn't focus on all phenols.

Anyway, if you are looking for me, you can find me sitting next to Bear, reminding him to stay focused on his homework, in Whole Foods, and/or (hopefully) potty training the little kids, which I plan to do next week during spring break. Who doesn't want to spend their vacation cleaning out dirty underwear and puddles off of the floor? Sounds like fun, right? It needs to be done, so it shall be done next week.

I hear a toddler raiding the fridge, so I must run. Until we meet again...another six months from now.